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Shelby, NC, 18, fat, body positive.
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I just had a dream that I was sixteen and a pedophile was trying to rape me and he was raping other girls, I’m petrified and don’t want to go back to sleep

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The only thing I see on instagram is fat babes and their cute partners, and it reminds me of the fact that I haven’t even fucking held hands in a year and a half…


~*~summer looks~*~ <3
I’m so in love with this dress I got it in every pattern I could find. {only $10, ayyyyyyyyy}

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  • Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of a different sex: I'm not straight, I'm bisexual
  • Gay community: you're only saying that because you want to be a part of the Gay Club, you don't belong with us, you're basically just a straight person anyway
  • Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of the same sex: I'm not gay I'm bisexual
  • Gay community: why do you feel the need to clarify that? You just want to be one of the straight people, you just want to reassure them that you're Not That Gay, you don't belong with us

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Im not addicted to alcohol or drugs, im addicted to escaping reality.

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this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*


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The Fault in Our Stepbrothers




The Fault in Our Stepbrothers


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